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Welcome to Margot Vulliez


I am a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University working with the research team of Professor Oussama Khatib. My research interests include Mechatronic design, Haptics, and Human-Robot Interaction. My works aim at developing human-centered haptic teleoperation systems to enhance Human-Robot collaboration in remote environment. I specifically focus on designing transparent and versatile haptic devices for real-time open-robotic solutions, integrating multimodal feedback consistent with the human sensorimotor performances, and implementing new shared-autonomy control frameworks merging human command inputs and robot autonomous primitives.

Before joining the Stanford Robotics Laboratory, I was a PhD student in the RoBioSS team of the Pprime Institute at University of Poitiers. My PhD thesis covered the Development of a new versatile 6-active-DOF parallel haptic device, the Delthaptic. I received a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Systems and Robotics (2015), and a MS degree in Faculty Training for Higher Education, Mechanical Engineering (2014), from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. Since I passed the teacher certification (french Agrégation) of Engineering Sciences and Mechanical Engineering in 2014, I teach M.E. classes and have been involved in several academic educational teams. 

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